Water Heater Services in Akron, Ohio

We all need hot water for cleaning, cooking, and showering. No hot water means unwashed dishes, dirty laundry, and cold showers. Every day we’re standing by, ready to repair or replace all types and brands of water heaters to quickly restore hot water in the home.
Flushing Tank Sediment

Protecting your water heater starts with routine maintenance. Sediment is a common issue for all tank-style water heaters. Most manufacturers require maintenance as part of their warranty. Our service techs flush the sediment from the tank itself which extends the life of the water heater.

Adjusting the Temperature

Water leaking from the discharge pipe may be a sign that the temperature is set too high, causing the pressure relief valve to open and let water leak out. Our technician will check the temperature settings and make the necessary adjustments to prevent water damage.

A common misconception is that a higher temperature setting heats the water faster or provides more hot water. It is true that turning up the water temperature may provide more hot water. But, higher temperature settings does not provide hot water faster. Ohio plumbing code requires tub shower faucets no hotter than one hundred and twenty degrees. However, the rest of the house can be set higher.
Water Heater Tank Leaks

Eventually, rust and corrosion will damage the steel tank, causing it to leak. Once a tank begins to leak, it will only get worse. Depending on where the water heater is located and how soon the leak is detected will determine how much damage is done to the home.

Our team is currently seeing tank style water heaters last anywhere from eight to ten years. We are equipped to replace tank style water heaters when needed.

A Faulty Heating Element

On an electric water heater, current flows through elements and that heats the water in the tank. If the elements are faulty, the water heater doesn’t supply hot water. Our team can test the elements to see if they need to be replaced. We will also check the thermostats and wiring connecting to the heating elements to check for wear and tear.

Meeting the Household Demands

A 50-gallon water heater is usually ideal for a family of four. However, if the hot water is used all throughout the house simultaneously, even a 50-gallon water heater can go cold pretty quickly.

If the hot water in your house runs out too fast, you may need a larger tank or even a tankless water heater. We can provide multiple options for increasing the amount of hot water in your house.

Water Leaking from the Bottom of the Tank

When you see water heater leaking out from the bottom of the tank it’s a pretty good sign the tank itself is rusted and needs to be replaced. Our technician will check other possible leak points to rule out possible repairs. Unfortunately, these water leaks are overlooked if the water heater is installed in the basement. While the leak could be slow, the water may flow right into a nearby floor drain. Annual water heater inspections help homeowners find water leaks and stop the chaos that ensures.

Sudden Changes in Water Pressure

Hot water pressure problems can be caused by sediment in the water heater that is blocking the hot water line as it exits the water heater.

Plumbers flush out sediment and buildup in these water pipes and restore proper water flow. If sediment causes major clogs in the lines, professional plumbers may recommend installing a water softener. Some owners switch to a tankless water heater to avoid tank cleaning requirements.

Where to Get Plumbing Help

At Mackin & Sons Plumbing, we know that reliable water heaters are a must for all households, and property owners can’t complete normal daily tasks without a dedicated hot water supply. Our company strives to complete superior repairs and installations for all property owners in our service area. Facing water heater issues? Set up a consultation with our team now.