Water Heater Repair in Akron, OH

Water heaters are expensive appliances. For property owners, water heater repairs that add years to your appliance is money in the bank. Even though these appliances are designed to last over a decade, sometimes things happen that make them break down faster. To avoid having to replace your water heater before it’s time, you can call Mackin & Sons Plumbing. We help homeowners and businesses in Akron, OH with professional water heater repair and maintenance to keep your appliance in better condition for longer. That means more money in your pocket to spend on other things. Our team has years of experience working on all types and brands of water heaters, and we’re confident we can find the right solution for yours.

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Repairing Your Water Heater Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

If your water heater isn’t working there could be several reasons. It could be as easy as a clogged oxygen intake screen or as complex as a thermostat not reading accurately because of sediment build-up. Some inexperienced plumbers jump to the conclusion that the heater has to be replaced but that isn’t always the case.

Our team of trained plumbers knows that cold showers during an Akron winter (or summer) are no fun so they will quickly diagnose the problem and get your water heater making hot water again. If the heater is under warranty, we’ll be your advocate with the manufacturer so you get the parts you’re entitled to quickly. If there’s an underlying issue, such as sediment build-up, causing the problem we can fix that too.

Water Heater Repair Services

  • Thermocouple Replacement
  • Faulty Pilot Light Replacement
  • Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve Testing & Replacement
  • Expansion Tank Related Leaks
  • No Hot Water Emergencies
  • Water Heater Maintenance Flushing
  • Tankless Water Heater Repair
  • Electric Water Heater Repair
  • Gas Power Vent Water Heater Repair

The trouble with water heater repairs is knowing when the cost of repairs and the trouble it’s causing you outweigh buying a new appliance. Sometimes water heaters get repaired but keep breaking down soon thereafter. That’s something you want to avoid, and it’s the reason a lot of plumbers automatically suggest a replacement. For years, we’ve delivered high-quality water heater repair to property owners around Akron, OH. We’ll help you get more years out of your water heater if possible and do what it takes to improve its performance. That means better quality and a more reliable supply of hot water for your home or business.

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Water Heater Repair FAQs

Q: If my water heater is leaking on the floor does that mean I need a new one?

A: Not always. It could be the T&P valve opening up due to excessive temperature or pressure in the tank. It could also be a bad expansion tank. Try and see if the water is coming from the actual tank or the discharge pipe running down the side of the tank towards the floor.

Q: Why doesn’t my water heater get as hot as it used to?

A: Most likely the control valve isn’t reading the temperature correctly and failing to heat the water up enough.

Q: I have an older home in West Akron and my water heater keeps making noise, like a popping sound. Should I be worried?

A: Well, it’s not an emergency, but your water heater is probably filled with sediment on the bottom. It needs to be flushed or possibly replaced.

Q: What’s the difference between a power vent and a gravity vent water heater?

A: A power vent heater uses an electric blower motor to remove the combustion gasses from the house out of the sidewall. It is more efficient because there isn’t as much heat loss up the chimney. Combustion gasses from a gravity vent heater “float” up and out through the chimney which wastes a lot of energy.

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