Plumbing Installation in Wadsworth & Akron, Ohio

Plumbing issues in Northeast Ohio are often attributed to fixtures, faucets, and other equipment that has failed due to age or lack of maintenance. For instance, most homeowners don’t give too much thought to what type of the inside of their kitchen faucet is in or if their sump pump motor is wearing out.

Plumbing Upgrades for the Kitchen

Kitchen plumbing upgrades we offer include installing garbage disposals, kitchen sinks, and dishwashers. Our plumbers can pinpoint problems that affect new installations or may require extra steps. We also can hook up gas ranges Each change adds function to the living space and simplifies meal preparation and clean-up.

A New Sink for the Master Bath

Revamping a master bathroom is fun and gives the owner more of a creative license for the new area. A plumber inspects the current plumbing lines connected to the sink, and then shows the owner what is possible.

A double vanity is a staple for many home builders as it gives the couple their own space to get ready each day. But, if the living space has the room, separating the sinks and giving each person their own sink and counter space might be ideal. This more modern Plumbing Installation changes the traffic flow of the bathroom and takes away everyday frustrations for those who share the same space.

Germ-Free Automation for the Family

Bacterial growth in kitchen sinks often happens when there is a clog in the line or there is pipe damage. Pipe damage causes ineffective drainage or a water leak. A new Pipe Installation restores services to the kitchen sink. If the problem is a clog, the plumber must remove it. Pipe damage and clogs aren’t the only ways germs and bacteria spread in kitchens.

The best practice for maintaining a germ-free kitchen in the COVID era is automation. After the pipe is replaced, the plumber installs an automated faucet that doesn’t require anyone to touch it to turn the water on. Touchless sink faucets don’t become breeding grounds for germs and viruses, and families won’t spread germs and suffer from illnesses like the COVID-19 virus.

Make Life Easier With a Dishwasher

Today’s dishwashers meet the challenges of cleaning up after culinary masterpieces, and nightly meal prep doesn’t lead to scrubbing a lot of pots and pans later. Modern dishwashers remove food and grease from pots and pans without causing corrosion or permanent scratches. Nightly clean-up is less tedious and parents save time that they can spend with the family instead of standing in the kitchen for hours.

Control Pests With a Garbage Disposal

Roaches and rodents search for food in kitchens first, but garbage disposals help get rid of food waste. With a garbage disposal, food waste never ends up in the kitchen trash to attract pests. Plumbers show homeowners simple instructions on how to use the garbage disposal, how to clean it, and how to protect the home from unpleasant odors. A simple plumbing installation can show these pests that they aren’t welcome in your home.

Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

Traditional water heaters aren’t the only way to get a dedicated source for hot water. More homeowners are switching to tankless water heaters and installing water softeners. The combination of plumbing products gives families hot water as needed and without long delays, and hard water won’t become a problem or prevent shampoo, laundry detergent, or soap from lathering as expected. Maintenance for the water heater is easier to manage and doesn’t take up too much of the owner’s time.

Updating the Showers

Aging parents may lose their balance when lifting their legs to enter a traditional shower and bathtub combo. These outdated fixtures do not meet the needs of the elderly. A walk-in shower stall lets them take one step into the shower and avoid falling hazards. The bathroom fixture is also easier for a senior to clean and sanitize, and seniors have space for any extra equipment they need, including shower seats or railings that offer more support.

Where to Get Services

At Mackin and Sons Plumbing, we have a long history of serving all property owners in the area, and our plumbers have the skills and training to repair or replace all plumbing products. Our plumbers perform plumbing tasks according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Need plumbing repairs? Set up an appointment right now. Call (330) 825-3686.