Sump Pump Services in Akron, OH

Mackin & Sons Plumbing provides home and business property owners in Akron, OH with sump pump maintenance, repair, and installation services. Anyone lucky enough to call Akron home knows that spring thunderstorms can come out of nowhere and bring torrential downpours. At Mackin & Sons Plumbing we’ve waded into our share of flooded basements so our plumbers are always ready to repair or replace broken sump pumps. Sump pumps are the one piece of plumbing equipment that prevents your basement from flooding so we get pretty picky about which brand we install. You can find cheap, plastic throw-a-way pumps at the big box stores – we see them all the time –but why take a chance. We proudly install high quality, durable Zoeller sump pumps that provide years of dependable protection.

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Diagnosing Repairs for Sump Pumps

The best sump pump repair is the one that doesn’t involve a plumbing emergency. Too many of our clients call us amid a plumbing emergency when their sump pump suddenly stops working. That can occur more frequently after heavy bouts of rain or when plumbing systems simply break down.

We partner with property owners to conduct regular sump pump repair and maintenance to avoid these types of emergencies. No, question, we’ll be there when emergencies happen, but we prefer saving you time and money by doing the work before something bad happens. Sump pumps are usually low-maintenance plumbing devices. However, you need to check on them regularly because they’re very important to the running of your plumbing system. You need to have the confidence they’ll kick in when water levels get high enough to threaten your home or business.

Sump Pump Installation

Installing a sump pump looks fairly simple but doing it right involves many steps and a lot of experience. Some of the most common sump pump failures are a result of how they were originally installed. Our expert plumbers look at various factors and make any necessary corrections such as:

  • Cleaning the bottom of the pit to avoid excessive mud or debris from clogging the intake
  • Making sure the switch turn-on height is correct
  • Adjusting pump location to reduce stress on piping
  • Re-sealing lids on pits with radon systems

You should call Mackin & Sons Plumbing for sump pump repair if notice any of the following:

  • Strange smells coming from your sump pump
  • Loud strange noises
  • Any noticeable malfunction

If you’re having any issue with your sump pump or have any concerns, we can help. Property owners across the area count on us to keep their sump pumps in Akron, OH working at low prices to ensure the right level of performance. Get the help you need with your plumbing system today by calling 330-825-3686. We’ll help you schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbing teams.