Historic Plumbing Restoration in Akron, OH

Akron, OH is home to beautiful historic houses and storefronts. Historic elements of our homes define us. These buildings are more than a refuge: they are testaments to important events and provide a strong sense of place. Mackin & Sons Plumbing has decades of experience in historic building plumbing restoration. We’ve done our homework and understand how various building systems interact, ensuring our projects are the best solution that provide long-term protection from future damage. When owners want to upgrade their historic plumbing fixtures for their Akron, OH properties, they call on us. We specialize in restoring historic homes and outfitting them with modern plumbing without damaging the floors, walls, and what’s underneath. The structural integrity stays intact, and you get a modern plumbing system that brings the property into the 21st century.

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Working with Historic Plumbing Fixtures

A lot of value is stored inside historic properties. There’s a certain appeal to owning something with a rich history that’s rooted in the area. Any work on historic properties requires expertise. The wrong move could leave a lasting negative impact on the property. At Mackin & Sons Plumbing, our historic restoration process involved the expertise and attention to deal required. Our team has spent years working on a variety of historic renovations, and we can do what it takes to get your plumbing updated while maintaining what’s special about the home or building.

We offer:

  • Skilled craftsmanship and attention to the details
  • Knowledge of premium plumbing fixtures and components
  • Expertise in enhancements for the beauty, style and function of historic properties – without diminishing their character

When you call Mackin & Sons Plumbing about a historic restoration, we’ll talk to you about what your goals are for the property. We can offer insights from previous upgrade projects we’ve been involved in and talk to you about the benefits of each plumbing component you’re considering. We’ve been handling historic renovations in Akron, OH for years, and as a local plumbing contractor, we appreciate what’s already gone into keeping the property great.

Original Design Preservation

Rather than replace deteriorated features from the restoration period, we repair them. Where the severity of decay requires replacement of a distinctive feature our new feature will match the old in design, color, texture, and – where prudent – materials. We go the extra mile to protect and preserve original design features, materials, finishes, craftsmanship, and construction techniques.

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