Hose Faucet Services in Akron, OH

Leaking hose faucets can cause a lot of damage. The worst being flooding your basement and the least being increasing your water bill. Our two most common calls for hose faucets in Akron, OH are fixing ones that drip outside or replacing freeze-proof models that have frozen and burst inside the wall. Usually, it was because they weren’t installed properly. Our team of skilled craftsmen have repaired and installed hundreds of hose faucets. They consider all the factors that go into a long-lasting, leak-proof installation. Factors such as does the existing hole through the wall of the house have the proper pitch? Will the footprint of the new hose faucet cover the existing hole in the siding? Does this hose faucet need a ball valve inside for isolation? Does the house have a brick exterior which may require changing the hole pitch?

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Hose Faucet Installation

We offer superior fast hose faucet installation to all of our clients. Talk to our team about the different options you have and what a difference it will make in your property. We can work with any existing faucet set up to get your new faucet installed and working in no time.

  • Frost-free (freeze-proof) Hose Faucet Repair & Installation
  • Woodford Hose Faucets (our favorite)
  • Prier Hose Faucets
  • Mansfield Hose Faucets
  • Hot & Cold Hose Faucets
  • Garage Hose Faucets
  • Hose Faucet Repair
  • Anti-siphon Hose Faucet Repair

Hose Faucet Repair

We provide homeowners with expert hose faucet repair to keep things working the way you need them to. Our plumbers can work with any hose faucet brand or model to keep it working and help you get the water pressure you need. We can often get to you the same day you call to avoid any disruption to your home or business. Whether you’re interested in an upgrade or need repairs on an already installed hose faucet, we can help. As a preferred local plumbing contractor, we deliver the results our community in Akron, OH expects. Enjoy the benefits of a hose faucet at a great price with Mackin & Sons Plumbing. We’ll get your property where you want it to be and make cooking and cleaning more fun than ever.

Call us now at 330-825-3686 to make an appointment or to hear more about hose faucet maintenance. Our entire team is on hand to answer your questions and to find the best solution for you. We can deliver the support you’re looking for!

Hose Faucet Questions & Answers

Q: My “freeze-proof” hose faucet keeps bursting. Why?

A: This is usually due to a sloppy installation where the hole through the side wall of the house was sloping the wrong way and the installer didn’t take the time to correct it.

Q: The top of my hose faucet leaks every time I turn the water on. How do I fix that?

A: This may be a faulty anti-siphon device. These usually can be replaced but the make and model of the faucet must be known in order to get the proper parts.

Q: How do I winterize my hose faucet?

A: Frost-free or freeze-proof faucets (if installed properly) don’t need to be winterized really – just make sure you disconnect the hose outside. If you don’t have a frost-free hose faucet or worry yours wasn’t installed correctly, the best bet is to shut off the valve inside the house that feeds that faucet. Usually, it is within a few feet of where the hose faucet exits the house.

Q: Do you install hot and cold faucets for the garage?

A: Yes, we do. We can replace the one you currently have or even install a new one at a new location outside your house.

For more about hose faucets for your Akron, OH property, call our team at 330-825-3686.