Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation in Akron, OH

Do you need professional garbage disposal repair or installation? Get the best service in the area with Mackin & Sons Plumbing. We work in the greater Akron, OH area to deliver the highest in quality and best prices on all garbage disposal repair and installations. If your garbage disposal is jammed, broken, leaking or just making funny noises, don’t fret! Mackin & Sons Plumbing can quickly diagnose the issue and either repair or replace it. Our plumbers carry two excellent replacement models from InSinkerator on their vans; we can also install any garbage disposal you’ve already purchased.

For reliable garbage disposal repair in the Wadsworth or Akron, OH area, call us at 330-825-3686. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers.

What You Can and Can’t Put in the Garbage Disposal

Most garbage disposals are designed to handle most everyday food waste. When we ask customers if they know what not to put in a garbage disposal we hear some pretty funny answers – like potato peels or celery.

We strongly recommend NOT putting oil or grease down your sink drain as they can solidify further down the drain line and cause a blockage. Reference this graphic below for a guide.

Listed Items to Never Put Down the Disposal

  • DO: run cold water while the garbage disposal is running
  • DO: let the water run for a minute after you’re done grinding (this washes down food particles)
  • DO: feed in the waste gradually
  • DO: grind vegetables, peels, small bones, coffee grounds, egg shells
  • DON’T: stuff the disposal with food and then turn on disposal
  • DON’T: put any non-food waste in disposal
  • DON’T: put oil or grease in disposal

In-Sinkerator Evolution Series – A Quiet Garbage Disposal

Home chefs from Wadsworth to Richfield have told us their garbage disposal is an indispensable part of their kitchen. People love installing them during renovations. And we know that the kitchen is often the center of family conversation, laughter, and memories. That’s why we recommend the In-Sinkerator Evolution Series garbage disposals. They are up to 60% quieter than other garbage disposals thanks to Sound Seal technology. We carry the Evolution Compact model which we find compatible in most Akron area homes. However, if it’s a value-priced workhorse you’re after we also carry the Badger V model.

Garbage Disposal Installation

If you’re interested in a garbage disposal upgrade or want to install an appliance in an older kitchen, our team at Mackin & Sons Plumbing can help. We carry a wide range of makes and models to give your kitchen sink the power it needs to get the job done. Talk to us about different models and which one is best for you. We’ll walk you through what you need to know to make the best decision for your property. Our team will handle installation from end to end, to give you peace of mind knowing you’ve got a great appliance ready to work.

Call 330-825-3686 today to make an appointment for garbage disposal repair or installation services in Akron, OH!