Whole House Water Filter Installation in Akron, OH

Humans need water to live. In fact, a person can go without food for an extended period and survive. The same is not true of water. The average person will die after three days without water. 

However, the quality of water a person drinks is important. Today, many water sources contain contaminants, such as metals, bacteria, pesticides, and more. These contaminants can do as much harm over time as a lack of water will. 

Mackin & Sons Plumbing is here to ensure you always have fresh water to drink. Contact us today to learn about our whole house water filter installation and how a drinking water filtration system will benefit you. 

We will answer all of your questions. In addition, we’ll help you find the best system for your needs. Make this call today, or contact us online, so you can have clean drinking water in the home and improve your health. 

Water Filtration System Options

When you contact us for a whole-house water filter installation, you will find there are several systems to choose from. How do you know which whole-house water filtration system is right for the home? We will walk you through choosing a system. 

These systems all purify water. The way they do so is what distinguishes each type from others. 

Water distillers boil water. Once the water boils, it separates the system from any salts and hard minerals present in the water. This water filtration method is slow and may increase the home’s energy usage. 

Many people have heard of water softeners. These devices are actually a type of water filtration system known as a sediment filter, and you see them frequently in homes with well water. As the name suggests, these devices remove sediment and iron from the water. We can install one in your home if it will be of benefit. 

One type of home water filtration system that most people remain unaware of is the magnetic water filter. Using a magnetic field, this system reshapes the molecular structure of the water to purify it. 

Ultraviolet water filters destroy any germs in the water with the help of a UV bulb. One problem seen with this type of water filtration system is the limited lifespan of the bulbs. You may find you are changing the bulbs regularly to ensure you have clean water in the home. 

Catalytic water filters target toxins in the water to eliminate them, using electron injections to achieve this goal. Infrared water filters work similarly, reshaping the molecular structure of the water to purify it. 

Alkaline water ionizers break up minerals in the water. When doing so, they alter the pH level of the water. Many people believe the altered pH level is better for their health. 

A reverse osmosis water filtration system removes minerals from the water. Many people believe this water is like that of bottled water you purchase in a store. We may discover that it will meet your needs perfectly.

Are you confused yet? Most people are when they hear about the different options for a whole house water filter installation. 

Many companies would take advantage of this confusion and push the whole house water filter installation which will allow them to make the biggest profit. When you work with us, that’s never an issue.

We always put your interests first. We are here to help you navigate the different options for your water filtration system and select the best one for your home and lifestyle. 

Choosing the Right Whole House Water Filter Installation

When you contact us to learn more about our water filtration services, we set up a time for one of our plumbing technicians to visit the home. This allows you to learn the problems you are currently experiencing with your water and what you would like to achieve with the whole home water filtration system. With this information, we can recommend a drinking water filtration system that meets your specific needs. 

We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach for water filtration services. Every customer is unique in their whole house water filtration needs, and our team recognizes this. Our goal is to help you find the water filtration system that adds value to your life. 

Why Choose Mackin & Sons Plumbing for Your Whole House Water Filter Installation?

When you first look into a whole home water filtration system, you’ll find many companies that provide these products. How do you know which home water filtration system to purchase and which company to use for its installation? We can help.

We have been providing exceptional plumbing service to residents of Akron, Ohio for 14 years and would love to help you. Our team looks at each customer as a person rather than a number to be served. We work to better your life with every plumbing job we take on and take pride in our work. Contact us today or call today to discuss your plumbing problems. We are here to help you resolve them, whatever it takes.