Sump Pump Services in Akron, Ohio

Heavy rainfall presents quite the challenge when mitigating flooding at the lowest levels of the home. Sump pumps allow rainwater to flow away from crawlspaces, foundations, and basements. The products protect your home against flood damage and stop mold from causing respiratory illnesses in your family. Plumbers install sump pumps and perform maintenance to keep them working throughout the year.

Drive Up the Property Values

Your home is a major investment and to get the most out of this investment, you need home improvements. Sump Pump Services increase the value of the home because the plumbing products lower flood risks.

As long as the sump pump operates as expected, rainwater flows through the top of the fixture into a basin, and then the water flows through a drainage pipe away from the home or into a storm drain. The added value comes from heightened protection of the entire property.

Control Mold and Mildew Growth

Your home needs fixtures that mitigate risks that cause property damage and depreciation of value. Basement and foundation flooding don’t just cause property damage. They create a breeding ground for mold and mildew that spread through homes like wildfires.

Once mold and mildew set in, the results might cause hundreds of dollars in mold cleanup, remediation, and restoration costs. A sump pump is the easiest way to protect against flooding and increase property values, and Plumbing Services afford families with this advantageous plumbing fixture.

Protect the Foundation and Stop Flooding

Sump pump services are available to maintain the pump and keep it operational. The most common issues with sump pumps are clogs, power outages, and unpleasant smells. In Ohio, frozen discharge lines become an issue if the water lines and plumbing aren’t winterized. Maintenance and quick repair services address clogs in discharge pipes and inadequate drainage, and the owner has a power switch to shut down the sump pump as needed.

Keep the Framing and Structural Support Dry

Water leaks and floods around a home lead to a compromise of the integrity of the structural support and framing holding the home together. Dampness and flooding lead to moisture and water entering spaces behind exterior walls and causing wood rot.

Drying practices are used after flooding, but the services cannot guarantee that there isn’t any structural property damage. A sump pump is the best way to keep water away from the framing and support beams inside the walls and underneath the home.

Cut Off Water Sources for Termites

Termites burrow into the ground underneath the foundation and create mud-like tunnels to travel to and from food and water sources. Flooding gives the unwanted insects an ample supply of water, and termites thrive. A termite infestation also causes structural problems and compromises, and if the owner installs a sump pump to control flooding under their home, they are also preventing a thriving termite infestation from happening.

Controlling Humidity Levels In the Home

Summers in Ohio are humid, and rain showers increase dampness and moisture within the home, and if rainwater flows underneath the home, there’s an increase in humidity levels at the lowest levels of the home. Draining water away from the foundation and basement keeps humidity at bay. Property owners keep their homes structurally sound by installing sump pumps and scheduling maintenance services as directed.

Cutting Off Sewage Backups

Flooding and improper drainage affect the entire plumbing system, especially the septic tank. Flood water that finds a way into the septic tank causes too much water to accumulate inside the tank, and the water might flow back into the plumbing lines. This causes sewage to back up into the home and creates health concerns and clogs in fixtures such as sinks and toilets.

A flooded septic tank overflows onto the ground around the home and contaminates the groundwater. The weight of too much water and waste products inside the septic tank creates cracks in the tank lid and lower levels of the tank, and flooding causes an increase in water levels in the tank.

Septic tank pumping would be required and increase costs for the owner. Instead, the owner hires a plumber to install a sump pump to manage rainwater and prevent flooding underneath or around the home.

Where to Get A Sump Pump

At Mackin and Sons Plumbing, we perform comprehensive plumbing services to mitigate the risk of flooding around the lowest levels of the home. Our company provides skilled plumbing professionals for all homeowners who need plumbing maintenance, repairs, and new installations. Ready to install a sump pump? Contact our plumbers now.