Save 30% On Your Next Water Heater

When you want to save money, energy efficient tankless or heat pump water heaters are the way to go. As soon as we install them, they save you money with the 25C residential tax credit (30% of project cost up to $2,000) and energy cost savings. In the long run they save you money with accumulating energy savings.

Breakdown of the savings

  • Residential 25c tax credit- will provide 30% of the project costs (cost of product plus installation) up to $2000 in tax credits for qualified high-efficiency water heaters
  • Energy cost savings of $491 each year- that is $4,910 over 10 years (for Rheem ProTerra heat pump water heater)
  • Energy cost savings of $125 each year- on a unit with a 20+ year life expectancy (for Navien NPE-240 A2)

Quick Payback

Payback* is based on the average retail cost difference of a 50-gallon Hybrid Electric Heat Pump model to a standard electric water heater Calculation: True Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Project Cost (Product cost + installation cost less tax credit of 30% of project cost up to $2,000) – (local heat pump rebates and incentives) – True Standard Electric Project Cost (Product cost + installation cost) = Total Payback Cost. Payback Period in Years = Total Payback Cost divided by yearly energy cost savings.

Managing Your Savings

Through the built-in Wi-Fi technology, homeowners can control and their energy usage, adjust water temperature, set a schedule and change modes. *Based on 50-gallon Hybrid Electric Heat pump model compared to a standard electric water heater of like capacity with minimum efficiency; Payback based on average retail cost difference less available tax credits, incentives, rebates and annual operating costs savings. 1 Based on estimated annual operating cost savings of the 40, 50, 65 and 80-gallon models.

Make Sure You Schedule Annual Maintenance

We recommend annual professional maintenance for your water heater to maintain a comfortable home. We are always happy to come out and make sure your water heater is running smoothly.

IRS Tankless Water Heater Savings

If you would like to find out more about saving money with tankless water heaters, just click on the link below